December 2, 2008

Linux Traffic Control – QoS

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I recently started using VoIP, using NodePhone with Internode. This post describes how I implemented QoS on my router to make VoIP work well. It also allows me to prioritise some traffic on my network, such as SSH, while deprioritising others, such as BitTorrent and SFTP.


November 12, 2008

HFS+ auto defragmentation of files under Mac OS X

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HFS+ automatically defragments files as they are used. When a fragmented file is opened, if the system has been up for 3 minutes, the file is not busy and is under 20MiB in size then it will be relocated to be in a contiguous section of the disk


November 10, 2008

Internet Censorship in Australia

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The Australian government is planning to filter the internet to protect children. The idea is to have two tiers of filtering. The first tier is enabled by default for all internet connections and blocks all material considered unsafe for children. Adults will have the option to move to the second tier which is designed to only block illegal material.