May 1, 2017

Caching reverse proxy for Linux and OSX software updates

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I have lots of computers in my house, all of which receive regular software updates. I get tired of waiting for all of these to download the same data, sometimes at the same time! I decided to use nginx to cache this data on my router to save time.


June 1, 2015

iMac G4 as a DVI monitor

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A few years ago I found an old iMac G4. It’s now over ten years old and these days PowerPC chips are not too useful. However it did have a very nice 20″ 1680×1050 IPS display in an attractive case.

If only I could connect this display to some other computer! I decided to try to hook it up to the Mac Pro I recently purchased from Atlassian.

I bit of web searching found the incredibly helpful I discovered that internally the iMac does use the same TMDS signalling as a DVI connector.

That means in theory I just have to hook everything up the right way and it will work! :)


January 2, 2011

Announcing NotiPod

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A very small (~25KiB compressed) Python Cocoa GUI app for synchronising iTunes playlists to any folder mounted on your Mac. I use this to sync my music and playlists from iTunes on my laptop to XBMC on my lounge media pc.

See the NotiPod project page.

November 1, 2009

Nokia N97 and Apple iSync

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I bought my Nokia N97 early July, just a few days after the Australia release. I’ve been enjoying this great device since then desspite its bugs. The most notable of which was that unlike my previous Nokia S60 it would not cooperate with iSync. Thankfully the recently released firmware update (V20.0.019) fixes this problem.


April 26, 2009

Fink for Mac OS X package management

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Fink is a package management system for Mac OS X. If you’re new to Fink read on for a description of how it works.


November 12, 2008

HFS+ auto defragmentation of files under Mac OS X

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HFS+ automatically defragments files as they are used. When a fragmented file is opened, if the system has been up for 3 minutes, the file is not busy and is under 20MiB in size then it will be relocated to be in a contiguous section of the disk