September 11, 2012

ABC Radio Shows Streaming Ripper

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This code is obsolete and probably doesn’t work anymore.

Most ABC radio shows are available to download as MP3s, usually with a convenient podcast feed. Unfortunately sometimes, probably due to copyright stupidity, they make a programme available only by Windows Media or RealPlayer streaming. I’ve written a simple tool to snatch this streaming audio from ABC’s servers.


WebDL: ABC iView and SBS Downloader

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WebDL is a collection of Web TV downloader scripts with a consistent user interface. I’ve previously released these separately, but a while ago I refactored them to share common code and packaged them into a single utility. You can use this interactively or to download any shows matching a glob from a cronjob. Currently supported are ABC iView and SBS OnDemand. I’ll probably add more in the future.


December 11, 2011

Hulu and Pandora outside USA

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Back in 2009 I wrote up a short guide to using Hulu outside USA. I stopped using it and the necessary voodoo has changed slightly. Since that post is so old I’ve decided to write a new one with the necessary updates.

My approach is different to what most people do. The goal is to access Hulu and Pandora from outside USA, so obviously we have to use a proxy of some kind. However I don’t want to proxy all my traffic through the USA, as then I would not be able to access Australian specific content. So what I have is a few hacks on my router that tell it to forward only Hulu and Pandora traffic through my USA server.


May 8, 2011

YouTube Downloader

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I just wrote a simple YouTube downloader. You can grab the code for it from here:

It’s a simple CGI script with a form to submit a YouTube URL. It then streams the video download to the user. If you run this on a machine in the USA then it provides an easy way to bypass YouTube’s region checking.

Ask me if you want the URL for an installed copy.

March 10, 2009

Who wants Hulu?

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This guide is out of date! Please see the new guide here:
Hulu and Pandora outside USA

Hulu is a website that offers commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox and many other networks and studios. Currently Hulu is only available from within the United States of America.

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