January 2, 2011

Announcing NotiPod

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A very small (~25KiB compressed) Python Cocoa GUI app for synchronising iTunes playlists to any folder mounted on your Mac. I use this to sync my music and playlists from iTunes on my laptop to XBMC on my lounge media pc.

See the NotiPod project page.


Shi Jun says:

Hey James,

I’ve been searching for hours and trying out different solutions to sync my old sony mp3 player with my mac. thank God i found ur site! put an end to my hours of despair! thanks mate!

Tuquy says:

Hey James,

I could not sync music in iTunes to my sony mp3 player because of the “Input/ Output error”. Can you please help me. Thanks.

delx says:


Could you please provide more information? There should be an option to report the error, click Show Details and email me a copy of the text there. I may be able to help you then.

Alan says:

Love it well done. Was using notpod on windwos and moved to osx but could not find something similar. This doest the job nicely and is nice and small and easy to use. Works under mountain lion too. Keep up the good work.


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